During our life in the caribbean, the local culture full of color, playfulness and happy life inspired me to create this collection of digital paintings. Printable vases with the structure of paintings and drawings and captured moments of perfect days in paradise in new displayables.

New digital paintings for television
Instead of an ordinary frame, you can buy a frame from Samsung. And it is ideal for displaying a painting that is not static. These new motion paintings play with time.

Bonita Painting

A minimalist digital art of a perfect caribbean day at Playa Bonita. A 12-hour video during which your painting will transform from the morning to the evening sunset just as the colors on the beach change.

Today’s televisions are beautiful and can be used as a frame for digital art.

“We lived on this beach for 9 months and most of the time it is full of colors. A clear sky with a turquoise ocean in which turtles swing on the waves, bright green grass and palm trees that play with all the colors as their leaves grows and falls. Beautiful sunsets at the tip of this beach with colors from yellow to pink. A place with incredibly beautiful energy that you can release at home to brighten your day.”

Vase Painting

Paradise life is full of colors. Painted walls, lamps, signs, advertisements, all with the stroke of a brush. And so is this vase.

“The unique technique of digital sculpting allows me to create unique objects that can be materialized through printing.”

Vase Sketch

In the first sketch there is always enlightenment and joy of creation. Balancing on the edge of the metaverse and the real world by materializing with printing.

In the Caribbean I started creating the first objects and these vases are a connection between art and design. Because these vases can hold water for flowers.

Digital products aviable on Boem Store and Physical products on Vulkaza