Bohém collection for Meyto

The Bohém collection showcases an iconic Czech furniturepiece with a new face. The local school chair esthetic inspired this brand new collection. With an improved frame, the Bohém chair offers a higher quality structure and also stacks much better. The item of furniture is purely industrial, reflecting the production possibilities of the Meyto company.

Fully metal or in a combination of wood and metal, its new proportions make it perfect for use in restaurants or with a work desk, both in interiors and exteriors, including public spaces.

manufacturer: Meyto 
distributor: MMcité
year: 2017

I remember the original chairs from the times of socialism from school, which remained there for a long time. It is a very iconic piece of furniture, but it always had one fundamental flaw – the chair cracked in the weld between the back leg and the backrest.

I made a benefit out of this problem by designing a new detail with a few bends to support the weld.

The new chairs are not intended for schools, but are dining chairs that, thanks to their sturdy character, can be used in the interior or exterior of homes, restaurants or public spaces. That’s why the chair has different proportions and is designed to be stackable.