Each project we do is taken through a strategic process, resulting in a meaningful, adaptive solution. We are not always trying to follow the trends, but looking back into the history and combine the traditions with contemporary or futuristic possibilities.

We believe that life is about learning new things and about change and development and therefore we are not bound by one style. We know that less is more and at the same time less is bore. Sometimes it’s good to create something very simple and sometimes you need to create something crazy.

Ever since I went from graphic design to product design to small architecture, I’ve been involved in a lot of different things and that’s why we can offer you different kinds of services together with my colleagues.

We just love to create any kind of things. Anything that is new to us is a great oportunity to create something unexpected.

What we have been doing so far:

Branding, Corporate Identity, Photography, Video, Drone Video, Product visualisations, Interior Visualisations, Product Design, 3D Printables design, Jewelry design, Eyewear design, Furniture design, Interior Design, Exhibition design, Street furniture design, Foodtruck Design, Digital Paintings