Boem studio specialises in product design and small architecture. Each project is taken through a strategic process, resulting in a meaningful, adaptive design solution. We are not always trying to follow the trends, but looking back into the history and combine the traditions with contemporary possibilities.

Tubbies for Umprum

The exhibition at the Prague House introduced visitors to the collaboration between Umprum students and the traditional Czech company Tvarmetal during Brussels’ Design September. The home accessories and furniture were the focal point of the exhibition.

The technological focus of this start-up was defined mainly by bending pipes, working with special industrial materials, and other techniques used in metalworking. The industrial appearance, along with the clear and logical design created by the young creators, makes up the backbone of the new brand.

The installation at the old Art Nouveau house showed how the new designs borrowed from both traditional crafts and modern industrial production.

type: Exhibition
team: Olgoj Chorchoj, Jakub Jarcovják, Tomáš Rachunek, Tvarmetal s.r.o.
year: 2017